How it all started... As a natural born entrepreneur I have always had an overwhelming need to create things. Because of this and and the support of my amazing "crew" (aka my family) I have been able to pursue several business ventures. I have loved each and every one but I would have to say that baking and graphic design were my favorite.

So why candle making? Who doesn't love a good candle...  the way that the scents and light transform a room from something ordinary in to something magical. Being a DIY person and feeling the need to teach myself a new skill I decided to try my hand at making my own candles. I realized very quickly that this new found hobby was a culmination of my passions. I was able to use the skills that I acquired over the years. Like baking, candle making involves a lot of science as well as a lot of trial and error but when everything comes together and you are able to see and smell the final product, there is nothing like it!  Once I had the "how" part down the graphic designer in me took over and I designed labels. I shared the finished product with family and friends and got such great feedback that the entrepreneur in me swooped in and Crosbee + Crew came to life!

Our Vision We hope that you love our products and know that each one is made with hard work, passion and lots of love! Our vision is simple....we are living in an age in which production has become so price-driven that true quality is becoming a thing of the past. We want to be different.